Graduate Student Life, Advocacy, and Leadership


The GSO is the graduate student government at the Stony Brook University. The GSO is incorporated in the State of New York as a nonprofit organization and is legally and structurally independent of the university administration.




From the Administration building to Capitol Hill, the GSO works directly with University Faculty, Staff & Administration, as well as local and state politicians, to ensure that graduate student’s interests heard and represented.

Student Life

From Thanksgiving Feasts to Tailgates before the big game, GSO puts on a plethora of events for graduate students to get out of the classroom, meet other students, grab food, and have fun!

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Most importantly, the GSO is a place for graduate student leaders who wish to represent their student body, make changes, and improve the graduate student experience of all graduate students at Stony Brook University. We encourage you to join a committee, become a senator, start a club, put on an event, or run for the executive board!